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Just a few minutes drive from kuelap, in the middle of the Utcubamba Valley touristic route, Amazilia Birding Lodge and Coffee farm is an ideal stop for families and small groups. From here you can visit the main touristic attractions that are all a short distance away.

Located in the heart of our private nature reserve, our alternative lodge sits in part of a recently restored Casa Hacienda. Aside from offering lodging, we can also provide lunch and dinner for small groups. We are also developing a sustainable farming project, using an agroforestry system that produces Café Amazilia as its main product, a speciality coffee which is grown inside a food forest.

This family run project protects more than 200 hectares of Andean sub tropical forests, allowing previously deforested areas to regrow by planting with native tree species. The whole property is rich in biodiversity with 3 ecosystems in varied altitudes and therefore hosts a large number of bird species (over 160). Feeders, hides and routes are currently being developed for birdwatching.
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